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Hi there! I'm Ally,

your professional essential oil mentor

As a wife and a mom to four sweet girls, I know how important feeling empowered in our homes is, and before essential oils, I often felt the sting of frustration and powerlessness to care for my family the way that felt right. We've been expats for almost two decades now and our family is currently living in the heart of Mexico, learning Spanish, exploring endlessly delicious Mexican cuisine, and growing our doTERRA essential oil family locally, while continuing to support our customers and partners in over 25 countries around the world. I'm ridiculously passionate about ensuring freedom for my family, and helping people like you who seek natural alternatives to support their optimal wellness find limitless possibilities in life, health, relationships, purpose and business. No matter your goals, I believe there's something for you here and I can't wait to connect and explore further!


Oils aren't new age; they're old school! And our oils are a far cry from the unsafe, chemical junk you find on the supermarket shelf. Dig in and experience the doTERRA difference.



Equal opportunity. Time freedom. Location independence. Unlimited earning. Massive impact. Just five reasons I leaned into the doTERRA opportunity and you can, too!



You dedicate your life to helping people feel better. What if you had a natural solution that could aid the recovery process and offer you a bit of much-needed time freedom? 


Learn the 5 Best Natural

so you can ditch synthetics and care for your family with confidence and ease


Ally is awesome and inspiring, determined, passionate and deep with a big heart; a true problem-solver who won't allow you to make excuses or feel sorry for yourself; direct (in a no-nonsense refreshing way!) and much more. She is an excellent trainer and really shines in this area. I love having her as a leader and mentor because she's always one—actually more like 10 steps ahead of me—and is someone I can always bounce my ideas off (which she'll then help me take to a whole new level!)

– Kate H., Australia

Ally is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Because of her, I began to pay more attention to my wellness. She and her doTERRA team have helped a great number of people around China and around the world change their lifestyles and boost their fitness. Ally is a great partner to work with as she's well-organized, energetic and supportive. Being approachable and resourceful makes her a great leader. Ally is definitely a person you want to make friends, collaborate and laugh with!

– Yvonne Q., China

I met Ally a few years ago as we're in the same business of supporting people in a better, healthier lifestyle. I've never met a woman as authentic and courageous as she is. She's a woman with a thorough vision for her life, a big faith, and a heart for adventure. If you start to walk this journey with Ally, it will never be dull, you will be fully supported, and as a bonus you'll get her professional coaching.

– Yvonne L., Netherlands

Ally is an excellent leader with a passion for people. Her positive energy always brings a smile to everyone’s face. She has a clear vision with realistic goals in mind and has no trouble communicating these ideas to others. Ally is the ideal model of a professional leader. With her keen and unique focus on people and is a perfect fit for the ever changing modern world.

– Eric M, USA

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Whether you need advice on a unique wellness situation, are curious about how to start your own doTERRA business or would like to explore incorporating oils into your chiropractic, physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine, massage therapy, yoga studio or other therapeutic practice, I'm here to help you. Let's book a call to discuss possibilities.


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