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 Hi there, I'm Ally and this is my story... 

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My Story: From Face-to-Face to Global Gamechanger

For ten years, I built my network marketing business belly-to-belly to a level where I could quit my corporate career and reclaim precious moments with my family. Then, a relocation from China to Mexico turned things upside down. A language barrier disconnected me from prospects (my Spanish is atrocious!), and this took a massive toll on my income. And... I began to panic; the threat of a return to the corporate grind jeopardized the time freedom that I had worked so hard for!

Mona Fam traveling in Oregon State
From China to Mexico in 2021

It didn't take long for it to hit me—despite success in person, I lacked the crucial online marketing skills necessary to grow my business to its true potential. I was confused and frustrated online—dabbling here and there, putting myself out there, but never getting any real business results.

I saw other network marketers winning online, but I simply couldn't figure out how they were doing it.

Seeking mentorship was the key to acquiring the missing strategies to effectively transition my business online, without resorting to the awkward (yet, oh so common) 'hey girl' tactics that only brought constant rejection and embarrassment.

I knew I was better than that (and, I am willing to bet that you are, too).

Eager to learn from the best, I researched and researched, and I uncovered the leading online network marketing mentorship program. By putting its simple, contemporary strategies into action, my online influence started soaring. I found myself effortlessly drawing in my ideal prospects and enrolling them with ease.

Truthfully, I was shocked that it was so simple to master.

Attraction Marketing Leadership Team with Ally Mona
Ally Mona with JT DeBolt of Attraction Marketing

In no time, the confusion that had overwhelmed me online shifted into a state of clarity and authenticity. Supported by an exceptional community that had journeyed the path ahead of me, I gained the confidence that I was, at last, acquiring the genuine marketing skills for creating the impact in my business that I knew I could achieve.

Today, the systems that I'm mastering seamlessly manage my business online on autopilot, giving me the flexibility to put my time and energy where it matters most – with my family.

Mona Fam on vacation in Puerto Vallarta
Leela and Ally traveling in Mexico City to Leadership

Now, I work closely with my team and other entrepreneurs, supporting them in discovering their personal brand and boldly unveiling it to the world. The truth is, you are more than your product. By discovering your unique voice and mastering authentic online presence, you can effortlessly step out of the crowd, attract your tribe, and create a business that you’re proud of.

Say farewell to home parties, cold messaging, or hotel meetings – they're no longer necessary!


Ally is an excellent leader with a passion for people. Her positive energy always brings a smile to everyone’s face. She has a clear vision with realistic goals in mind and has no trouble communicating these ideas to others. Ally is the ideal model of a professional leader. With her keen and unique focus on people and is a perfect fit for the ever changing modern world.

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